The Best Mattress for Me and My Hubby

The Best Mattress for Me and My Hubby

My hubby and I have been looking around for a new mattress for the last 3 months. It has been a chore as we don’t really know squat about mattresses so doing the research has been a real endeavor. About 5 years ago, we bought a fairly expensive mattress that we thought would last a very long time.

The mattress I’m talking about is a Tempurpedic memory foam. I don’t know the exact model name but I do remember that it cost over $3000 and at that time, we thought that spending that much on a mattress was a good investment. After all, we do spend a good amount of time in bed so, there is that.

About six months ago, the mattress started to sag and it was a pain sleeping on it. We tried purchasing a mattress topper but that did not help and we ended up returning it. The mattress was really starting to get uncomfortable, my husband started snoring again. We tried claiming warranty on it but the measurement of the sagging area did not meet the required measurement in the warranty policy so that’s out of the question. We just decided to buy a new mattress and transfer this one to the guest room.

The Best Mattress for Us

Our new mattress is the Zenhaven latex mattress. It’s very pricey as well at $1899 but nowhere near the price of the Tempurpedic. We learned our lesson, we read everything about the Zenhaven mattress including the warranty and return policy so that we won’t get burned if ever there is a problem. So far, their terms are very customer friendly and we see it as fair.

After spending a lot of time reading mattress reviews online such as this one,, we decided to get this mattress as the reviews are very convincing. We considered a few mattresses – springs, memory foam, standard foam and ultimately decided that latex offered what we wanted best. After sleeping on memory foam these past few years, it was a welcome change. It’s more bouncy and we didn’t sink in too much which made movement far easier (if you know what I mean… wink).

The mattress was delivered in 3 days after ordering. The gentlemen who delivered the mattress were very helpful and they do set it up for you. We did not choose the mattress removal service as we decided that the previous mattress will just be transferred to the guest room but if you are thinking of buying the Zenhaven mattress, they can remove your current mattress for free.

The mattress has a 120 days trial which is all the rage now, I guess, from online mattress companies. Basically, an online mattress seller will offer a number of days where you can test a mattress and see if you like it. If you don’t, you can return it for a full refund. This is a very good offer and basically eliminates the risk of buying something as expensive as a mattress online.

The Zenhaven mattress is 10 inches and it is made from natural latex. I don’t really know about the other types of latex but I’m told that natural is the best type and that it is more durable. The mattress is also reversible with differing firmness on each side. We like the relaxed plush side more than the gentle firm.

Overall, we are very satisfied with this mattress. We have been using it for over a month now and I think that we won’t be returning it after 120 days. Yes, this review might be a little premature but I am just so happy about this mattress that I wanted to write about it. Maybe I’ll give it an update after a few months and see if it is indeed a good purchase or not. We’ll see.