Snoring – A Real Problem for Me

Snoring – A Real Problem for Me

Disclaimer: If you are suffering from snoring, consult your doctor. This article is in no way meant as medical advice or cure for snoring.

My hubby snores, I snore, it’s a real problem. It’s a miracle that we’ve been able to get some sleep all these years with both of our snoring. The first time we slept on the same bed, I got really frustrated with his snoring and really thought hard about our relationship. Little did I know, I snored too. He actually made a recording of me snoring and I was really embarrassed about it.

Since then, we’ve made some effort on trying to stop or at least improve our snoring. However, it was all in vain because when I think about it, all we did was read about the natural remedies for snoring and giving a half-ass attempt at trying to stop it. Yes, we are very frugal and this time, it backfired on us.

We didn’t really understand what’s causing the snoring and without understanding the causes, any attempt at a cure won’t be effective.

Causes of Snoring

The most common cause of snoring is nasal congestion or if your jaw is not properly positioned when you sleep. Snoring occurs when the jaw is titled backwards, making it hard for flawless air movement. Your health can also be the cause, meaning, if you are overweight. Also, snoring can be a symptom of an underlying disease so consulting your doctor is strongly recommended.

As for us, no underlying health conditions and we are pretty average weight so the obvious cause is either nasal congestion or the jaw thing. Needless to say, we tried a lot of “anti-snoring” devices and for me, what worked was a mouthpiece and for my husband, a pillow.

As for the products that we tried that were effective, here they are.

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece/Device

At first, these were annoying as they are uncomfortable. But with repeated use, they become unnoticeable. For my snoring, the best solution is a mouthpiece. It can be annoying to put it at night but it’s worth it as it improved my sleep and also my husband’s. Also, after stopping snoring, I noticed that I wake up more refreshed. I never knew that snoring was such an issue that it can affect the quality of my sleep.

Vital Sleep

The Vital Sleep snoring mouthpiece is the first one we tried. It was very effective and ultimately, it is the one that I still use to this day. It costs $59.95 for one and if you buy two, you can get a $20 discount. We bought two, one for me and one for my husband.

Good Morning Snore Solution

The Good Morning Snore Solution device is very good and my husband tried it. It was effective but overall, my husband didn’t like it because it felt uncomfortable. It also caused him to drool haha. If it weren’t for these issues, he would have stuck with it.


I’m so envious of my hubby, he doesn’t have to put weird contraptions in his mouth every night. A simple pillow totally stopped his snoring. I tried it too but it was not as effective as the mouthpiece so I decided to stick with the mouthpiece.

Bed Wedge Fitplus

This is simply a wedge pillow that supports your upper back as you sleep. You will be in an inclined position while you sleep and this simple change in his sleeping position was all that my husband needed to stop snoring. I wish it were the case for me but it wasn’t so I still am using a mouthpiece.

Aside from these snoring devices, we also tried some natural remedies to ease the snoring problem. Some of the things we tried are the following:

Exercising and Eating Less

Well, exercise is always good and eating less is a good way to stay fit. We are still very active and this snoring problem was actually a gateway for us to start living a healthier lifestyle. We go to the gym regularly and we never looked back. Currently planning on dedicating a spare room that we have for a personal gym, so excited!

Quit Smoking

I don’t smoke but my husband does. I wouldn’t say that he totally stopped but it is an improvement. He’s still trying to quit completely and as his loving wife, I support him anyway I can. I sometimes even get angry at him for smoking just to make him stop.

For us, these were not enough to completely stop snoring but it was worth trying as these improved our health. A few changes in our lifestyle for the better is always good.