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  Currants are ripening.  I have black, reds and pearl currants.  My mouth waters thinking of them sprinkled over granola. We are all anxious for raspberries.  Maybe even more than we anticipate strawberries.  We are definitely a household of raspberry … Continued


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*****I recieved my first donation towards the Wild Hair Farm Campaign!!  I was sooo excited!  It made this feel even more real.  ‘We’re doing this!’, I thought to myself.  ‘Soon, I’ll be standing on my own land.’  I’ll tell you … Continued

Visions of Spring

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  This morning I stood in my usual place, in front of the glass door overlooking my mini-menagerie.  Hand on hip, the other cupped around tea.  I sipped slowly, barely touching the hot mug.  The hoary frost covered grass and … Continued

Volunteer Surprises

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  Gardening is so much more than controlling a plot of land.  It can be a giving, living soul that surprises you with just the thing you need.  Refuge, therapy, silence, a place to channel your stress by digging your … Continued

Hipster Corn and the late Garden

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  Earlier this season, when tomato plants were still just inches tall, and we were all dreaming of peas and spinach, I planted a sheet mulch garden with about 20 heirloom sweet corn seeds.  Word spread to the chicken yard, … Continued

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