Currently, the rain is coming down in a spring-like drizzle.  Birds continue to chirp amidst the droplets, and the air is decidedly more warm than just a week ago.  The grass is growing in leaps and bounds and I move the rabbits grazing cage 10 times a day as they heartily consume the sweet new growth.

Yesterday was warm and dreamy.  I literally fell asleep in a chair while studying the new sprouts that were pushing up around my garden.

I often spend hours just sauntering around my yard.  Quietly and slowly.  Observing the new life, the buzz of bees, the chirps and whistles of the bluejays and red tailed hawks.  I love watching the chickens scratch and peck, the dogs bask and sigh heavily, my boys play concentrated on the mud and sticks.

While I was taking my 100th stroll around the yard, I noticed my comfrey plant coming back up through the soil, along with several others by it’s side.  I took the opportunity to dig down and break up the root into several pieces and then dispersed it around the yard in various nooks and hidey holes.  I remembered  vaguely that comfrey attracted bees and was a good ground cover, or green manure.  Which means it contains many valuable nutrients that will break down easily into your compost pile, or garden, giving the plants that grow from that compost excellent life giving food.

I figured it couldnt hurt to grow it over much of the yard.  I felt fond of the plant as I was relocating it.  Happy to be spending time with it.

Is this weird?  I feel like a complete sap describing my feelings towards a plant.  But I dismiss those fleeting insecurities because I know how much we rely on the life that grows around us.  It contains so much of what we need for nourishment, healing and comfort.

When I went in for the night, and after I took the clothes off the line, I visited a favorite gardening/homesteading site called  I noticed that at the top of the page was a youtube video starring Comfrey as the topic.  I smiled while watching it, thinking how coincidental it was that I would find such an appropriate source of info on this plant today.

Comfrey is wonderful for healing sprains/ bone breaks/ injuries/ wounds and scars.  I admit that I was a little disappointed that my plants weren’t developed enough that I could harvest a few leaves to aid in healing a nasty gash I gave myself a few weeks back when I accidentally ‘punched’ our wood stove and cut my finger to the tendon.  It has healed nicely, but slowly, and would love to speed up the process so I can get back to the rock climbing gym.

I will be sure to save and dry some of this beneficial plant come fall, and turn it to salves and tincture so I can have it on hand when it’s resting through the winter months underground.


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  1. Chelsea

    It’s the chicken whisperer! Thanks for the video.

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