Keep Calm and Nourish On

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Right now, my corner of the world smells like wet leaves and woodfire smoke.  It smells the way that rust orange, matte gold and decaying brown would smell if you could scratch and sniff those colors.  The boys and I drove to our favorite small farms to pick up our goat and cows milk, chat with the farmers and enjoy the drive through the hills.  The mist hung over tree tops, a stark and haunting contrast to the warm hues of the deciduous trees, the deepening dark green of the evergreens and the naked fields.  It dawned on me that I live in a remarkable region.  An area of thick forest and mountains, valleys and rivers, green meadows and hillsides coated in livestock and grapevines.  This is a plentiful region of roadside herbs, wild blackberries and healing plants.   The valley of Oregon has etched a deep and heartfelt song into my soul.


I was still high on the beauty and mystic of my native bio-region, when I walked through my threshold, arms laden with milk jars and children.  A cup of tea was quickly brewed, milk poured into the crockpot for yogurt and beef stock set to simmer.  As the boys settled into their quiet time, I took advantage of the break to check my blog reader and email.  My innocent bubble was popped as I read stories of cantaloupe listeria outbreak, pleads to un-bench a judge in WI for ruling a family farm be shut down for the consumption of their OWN cows milk?!!, there was a  post regarding vaccine woes and sicknesses…. and then I felt disheartened.

How is it in this pristine and gracious area we are still riddled with so many illnesses and distresses?  The land is giving, and supplies so much that can be used to nourish our souls and our bodies.  The answer to outbreak is not to live in fear, but to guard your home with health.  Your body can FIGHT.  Your body is capable if given the tools.  I don’t believe in vaccines (for my household).  I believe in building your bodies natural defenses.

If you think eating well is not a priority, I bet it would be if you knew how much better you would withstand disease if you were prepared.

My good friends daughter recently had chicken pox.  They didn’t vaccinate (I’m amazed at how popular it is to do so!) and took her to their naturopathic pediatrician for remedies when the outbreak was visible.  They didn’t pump her full of over the counter drugs or slather her body in a steroid cream.  They gave her the natural remedies, and her body fought valiantly and was recovered within 4 days time.  Thats it.  She had one hard night, and then it was no worse than a slight cold.  The catch being that this girl has been and is fed produce from a local farm, fish caught by her father, rice and quinoa, filtered water, home made kombucha and very very few treats and sugar.  Her body was already well equipped to fight.  Her parents didn’t wait till she was already sick to start feeding her soups and vegetables.  They had been since her birth.

I am always so inspired and validated when I hear victory stories such as this one.  Let thy food be thy medicine.  Dont be afraid of the disease and illness that runs rampant through the standard household.  You wont need to sit in line at the pharmacy drive thru waiting for your antibiotic (which wont likely do much good if you’ve treated your body poorly up to the point of sickness) instead, you’ll be home in bed with your natural remedies, your cup of homemade chicken stock and the peace of mind knowing your body is fighting sickness on its own.

Keep calm and nourish on.

Here’s another article that inspired this one with lots of great advice for how to guard yourself and build your bodies natural defenses.  A must read!!

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  1. I don’t keep up on my blog-reading often anymore, but just happened upon yours on this very day! I’m glad you and the boys were able to enjoy the farm and the drive together on this misty foggy day! But, we also look forward to having it work out so Caleb can stay here, so you can enjoy those outings a bit differently, when you need to! ;)

    But, I wanted to comment cuz I got all misty-eyed reading your flattering words on the account of my precious girl’s health and the hard work I’ve put into it! It means so much, ya know? Sometimes, in this crazy backwards world, you can feel so alone when you walk “against the flow” and make radical choices opposite of everyone else’s. It means the world to hear assurance and support and even admiration for those things….to see, from an outside perspective, that it is obvious that my hard work is paying off! Ya know?! I know you go through the same hard work to maintain your family’s health!

    I was also reminded of this shared conviction of ours today, after the dentist (food is medicine and abstaining from “American lifestyle”). It was a GREAT experience, by the way. But, I know they wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t at least ask if I wanted V to get a fluoride rinse…and then give a small “schpeal” about the benefits of it, in response to my polite “no thank”. I drove away, thinking (not at all offended, of course, cuz they don’t push and are so respectful) about how we each have to make our own informed choices on what we feel convicted is the lesser of the two evils. Toxic fluoride but maybe give my child better dental protection? Or risk it and refuse the rinse, praying and having confidence that our good non-american diet and regular care will provide the protection she needs? The same decisions for vaccinating vs. not. Which do we feel convicted is the lesser of two evils? I believe that either road is a risk and it’s all about what we each feel most convicted about (well, this is the polite non-aggressive, non-judgmental response I give to most people who question me or are in limbo).
    It is soooo wonderful to have a friend that walks this backwards journey with me!!
    Love you.

  2. I was just about to text you that I had included your recent victory with Vienne in this blog post! Ha! It’s so wonderful to have others that dont look at you like you’re crazy when you fight colds with chicken soup and cuts with lavender oil. It would be a much harder road if I were going it alone!

    I appreciate your response to the personal choice of not vaccinating or going the routine route of health prevention that is so prevalent in this country. My hope is that no one here would read into my posts and be falsely led into thinking I am pointing my fingers judgmentally at others. The stories here are in regards to my personal conviction and what I have found to be true for my experiences and family. I would never pretend to know what it’s like to walk someone else’s shoes, and what their journey has impressed upon them. My hope is simply that my story will encourage, inspire, challenge and above all, support others that are on the ‘backward’ journey :)

  3. Oh, you two… you BOTH make me thankful!!!

    When I began this journey, I was reacting against the fatalistic thinking that we are all victims of genetics and chance… and I thought, “I know I can’t keep every disease and harm away from my family, but there’s A LOT I can do to proactively build their health and decrease the odds of cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.” I became more and more empowered in taking on my family’s health myself (which is so good).

    For me personally (as a mother), it has been easy to swing the pendulum too far the other way and develop a “god complex” of wanting to rescue my children from all effects of sin. When I get this complex, I become anxious and fearful for them. Thankfully, He gently reminds me that while my efforts toward health for my family are very good (and to keep on with them), Jesus is their only Savior (not me!) I think we all wrestle with “god complexes” in different ways, and it is so good of Him to humble me and remind me that I am NOT God. :)

    On a semi-side note – I recently sliced a bit of my finger off on TWO separate occasions while slicing veggies in the kitchen (ouch!) Please, be careful with your knives. BUT, I used lavender oil on them and they seriously healed in the blink of an eye! Wow, so much better than anything else I used previously. We have been able to be free of all tylenol, antibiotic cream, etc in the past 9 months or so! It has been such a gift to be more in tune with our bodies, searching for the root cause of problems rather than throwing junk at the symptoms.

    I am thankful. For you two. For this journey. :)

  4. I’m always amazed at the people who say they can’t afford good food, it’s too expensive. But I know these people are paying a fortune in medical bills to deal with their illnesses. My husband and I believe that good whole food is essential in the fight against disease and illness, and I know it may not prevent everything, but it sure makes a difference. We are interested in learning more about natural remedies in the future too. As always, i am enjoying your blog- looking forward to future posts!

  5. I was just thinking about vaccines and sickness and eating well in the wee hours of the morning and it was good to read this post! Sometimes, I get so discouraged with how expensive and time consuming it is to feed my family whole, well grown, healthy foods. I ‘know’ that avoiding vaccines and traditional medicines is the best thing for them but in the face of what is normal, sometimes I start to really question myself. It is always good to hear reminders to keep pressing on!

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