DIY baby diaper rash ointment


I know that sounds daunting, but really it’s quite simple.  First, why would you want to make your own diaper ointment?  For sooooo many reasons.  First of all, even some of the more expensive ‘natural’ brands of diaper ointments have toxic ingredients.  Dioxin is one to be wary of.  Even some of the ‘essential’ oils can be toxic.  For example, most lavender essential oils in diaper rash ointment is actually lavandin, which causes skin sensitivities and allergic reactions!


Here, your butt is all red and irritated.  Lets just rub something on it that can cause, well, more irritation and redness!

Another reason to make your own?


If you’re able to find a good diaper cream (Wild Carrots brand?)  It’s gonna cost ya.  Which is fine if you don’t mind dishin out the cash.

I cannot afford to pay $10 for things to wipe on my kids butt.

Instead, I use ingredients that I have in the house for multiple different purposes.  Realistically these items cost well over $10 for all of them, but I’m using a fraction for this particular recipe, and I have these ingredients for several different uses.

First start by washing the area in warm water, skip the soap for now, as this can be irritating.  Let air dry (place them on a towel you don’t mind getting tinkled on!) then apply your homemade diaper ointment!

So here’s what ya need

Jojoba oil or grapeseed, sweet almond, avocado or coconut oil. I like jojoba for this as it is light and great for sensitive skin.

The oil helps soothe and heal the effected area.

organic arrowroot or organic corn starch (I prefer arrowroot) Arrowroot powder is silkier and I just don’t like buying corn products for the most part.

Arrowroot powder helps the area dry and keeps the skin from rubbing together and causing further irritation.

Medicinal/therapeutic Grade Essential oils I personally used lavender and roman chamomile for their ability to soothe and heal skin.  You could also use a small amount of tea tree (organic THERAPEUTIC ONLY!) bergamot, geranium, myrrh, frankincense, helichrysum, rose or rosewood would do well too.

In a small glass container, mix arrowroot with jojoba until a thick paste is formed.  Add up to 10 drops of essential oils to mix.  apply to effected area several times a day until cleared up.

If symptoms worsen, do not wash with water and soap as this will irritate area more!  Simply wipe with a cotton cloth soaked in jojoba oil!  Allow to air out until redness lightens!

This recipe was made and tried out on my son Kai, his rash was sooo bad and it cleared up within hours.  There’s no sign he even had one!

You could also use this salve for burns and other skin irritations!  You’re always safe to use small amounts of therapeutic grade lavender as this is best for all skin types.

* If you’re pressed for time or on a budget and cannot purchase the ingredients for this initially, private convo me on my etsy site and I’ll make you a 2oz tin for $5 plus $2 shipping.  You can choose your scent of choice!

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  1. I’ve also heard just plain ole’ breast milk on the diaper rash helps as well, but this only helps if you’re still nursing and is awkward if you’re in public…
    Have you read anything on the effects of lavender oil/tea tree oil on little boys? We try to stay away from it. Is there any other essential oil that would would work?

  2. Emily, Yes! Breastmilk is amazing, isn’t it! I suppose adding some to some arrowroot powder would be incredible for little bambino bums. As for the Lavender/tea tree oil debacle. I haven’t read anything conclusive or convincing enough for me to avoid using it on my boys. At worst, as I’ve read, if you simply stop using the products, then the issue resolves itself. Do you have any studies that were convincingly conclusive? If so, please send them my way!
    I included several different options in this post for essential oils that are healing and soothing for skin issues. I think Frankincense and Helichrysum would be wonderful as well!

  3. I’ve not read anything definitively conclusive on the lavender and I should have said that we try to stay away from it in large doses, as in if it’s in say a lotion then we won’t use it in a soap etc. Thank you for all your hints and tips; I love them!

  4. Robin Poks

    I was going to ask about the lavendar oil too on boys. I’m glad to know that neither of you have seen anything conclusive about it. I’ll probably keep trying to avoid it for now though. Anyway, thanks for the recipe Lacey. This is something we still deal with Riley. I’ll try this for sure. I’ve been using a coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda deodorant for about five months now on myself, and I love it. In fact, all the women in my family use it now and love it. So, I’m excited to try this. Got any ideas about eczema and itchy skin for kids? I mostly use coconut oil or Vaseline. I’ve used olive oil and jojoba oil too and sometimes California Baby lotion. I try to avoid lotions though. The first two work the best but not great, but I’d love to hear if you’ve heard of a better solution. By the way, what have you read about petroleum jelly? Everything I’ve seen is that it’s safe, but I feel weird about using a petroleum byproduct. (Sorry for the long comment). Love your blog, Robin

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